Welcome to my website

Hi, thanks for visiting my website.

The idea behind this website is to have a one stop place for Irish teachers to access resources based on the curriculum and the themes we teach.

Like many teachers, I spend a lot of time looking around the web for PowerPoints, videos, worksheets and art ideas, so I decided to make a place where they would all be waiting for me. Here they are categorised for the next time I would need them. This saves me opening up lots of websites for the one lesson in school.

Almost everything on this site has been sourced elsewhere and collectively put together. I do not claim this work as my own and try to credit where the resources are found where possible.

As I said this is a sharing platform and no profit is made from it.

I am aiming to eventually build an Irish website that will act as a sharing platform for Irish teachers so if you are willing to share please do follow this blog and see below for details of how you can help.

There is an email address where you can forward any resources you have to share with other teachers. Any resources added would be greatly appreciated and you will be credited with the work, if you wish, as I know some teachers rather stay anonymous. I know it takes time and effort to both create and forward these resources so it is genuinely appreciated. I think it is madness for all of us teachers to be doing the same work over and over in our free time. Hopefully this will eventually alleviate this extra work. Let’s save time searching and creating and share what we already have with one another! 

The email is fearasscoile@gmail.com  

If you have a large file please email me below and I will forward dropbox account information. 

I hope you find something of use.

P.S. this website is just being built so please call back to find new added lessons and resources regularly or follow this website. 

Enjoy 🙂


3 thoughts on “Welcome to my website

  1. I have just discovered this blog and it is amazing. I teach Junior and Senior Infants and often find it difficult to source items such as powerpoints to accompany lessons.
    Thank you so much for sharing them, I for one really appreciate them,

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