Life-Cycle of a Chick Resources

Here are some resources I’ve compiled together about the life-cycle of a chick. It will hopefully be a one stop place for your lesson.

PowerPoint (from another website Here are a few pictures of some of slides in this PowerPoint if you chose to download it, there are more slides than what is pictured below. The link is below the images.


Here is a link to the presentation above chickens 2

Cute video to reiterate what you have taught:


Stages of growth


Link to an interactive chick lesson:



Life_cycle_of_a_chicken 2

Life_cycle_of_a_chicken_worksheet 2

Life_cycle_of_a_chicken_worksheet_easier 2lcclife cycle of a chicken

Sequence using play dough:

Video of a chick hatching 


Art ideas

6a011572536cb8970b017d421bf898970c-500wi20130226_131124art chickencedadd26f146d22e5e075eb82dde7374chicken artchicken boardTexture-chicken-300x204


Song about a chick

Nursery Rhyme

nursery rhyme about chick

Come my chicks,
It’s time for bed,
that’s what mother hen said,
But first I’ll count you just to see,
If you have all come back to me,
Chick 1, chick 2, chick 3, Oh dear!
Chick 4, chick 5, yes you’re all here!

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