Easter 1916 Rising


Below you will find resources sourced from the web about 1916. I have brought most of the resources available to me into one place in the hopes that all teachers won’t have to do the same searching online for what they are looking for.

Please comment on the post if you have any good links you can add and I will happily update this post. If you have any presentations you would be willing to share please email fearasscoile@gmail.com this is to become a sharing platform so it would be much appreciated.

I realise the hard work that goes into creating worksheets and resources. I just think its madness not to share what we have with one another and in return you will hopefully find something here that will be of use to you in the future.

List of resources in order as follows:

  1. Video about the Rising
  2. PowerPoints
  3. Video about the Personalities involved
  4. Website link for full lessons about the 1916 Rising and worksheets
  5. Military Archive with excellent resources on
    • Final days and execution of 16 leaders
    • The Complexity of Loyalty
    • Women in Easter Week
    • Proclamation of the Irish Republic
    • Women in 1916
    • Courtroom dramas
    • Mapping sites of Action and more.
  6. GPO website with activities to do with your class
  7. BBC website about 1916
  8. RTE link to articles published at the time, videos, and advertisements
  9. Link to the Proclamation
  10. Askaboutireland.ie a website suitable for the IWB which shows the timeline of 1916 and information on each leader
  11. Quiz for IWB about 1916 could be used as a team activity in class
  12. The Signatories of the Proclamation; links to information on eac
  13. The Irish Civil War
  14. Leaders in the years post 1916
  15. Excellent workbook based on 1916
  16. Workbook for younger or differentiated work
  17. Workbook with cartoon sequencing, bibliographies, and interviews
  18. Worksheet where children must figure out the questions from the answers given
  19. Free IBook about 1916 for Teachers
  20. Stories of 1916 (Rich archive of little-known accounts of of Easter Week 1916. Includes texts, videos and podcasts.)
  21. Weblinks to 1916 websites
  22. Letter of 1916. This is a great website with letters from 1916.
  23. Songs from 1916. Weblink to songs
  24. Song about Grace Gifford
  25. Photographs


  1. Video about the Rising 


2. Easter Rising PowerPoints

First PowerPoint sourced from http://www.seomraranga.com/2012/02/the-easter-rising/

easter risingeaster rising2easter rising3

link here: easter_rising powerpoint

Another PowerPoint about the Easter Rising Conflict

There are 23 PowerPoint pages in this one. 

link here: 2._Easter_Rising_conflict 2


3. VIDEO about the Personalities involved in the 1916 Rising

This video explains a little about the personalities involved in the 1916 Rising, as well as the results of the Rising. It contains some actual video footage from the time.


4. Excellent website for the 1916 Rising with links to worksheets for each lesson.



1916 website

5. Millitary archive website with excellent information on

  • Final days and execution of 16 leaders
  • The Complexity of Loyalty
  • Women in Easter Week
  • Proclamation of the Irish Republic
  • Women in 1916
  • Courtroom dramas
  • Mapping sites of Action and more.


6. The GPO and the 1916 Rising 

Suggested activities for senior primary and second level on the Easter Rising as well as some history of the GPO.



7. BBC website for the 1916 Rising 

Explores the history of the 1916 Rising and includes sections on the aftermath and profiles of the main participants. There is also a radio archive, rebel songs and eyewitness accounts. Probably one of the most accessible digital resources on the Rising and associated events of the time.


bbc rising

8. RTE

A page dedicated to 1916 information with old advertisements and articles from the time available along with videos and programmes from RTE about the Rising.


rte 1916.PNG

9. Click for a link to the full Proclamation

click here: http://ireland.iol.ie/~dluby/proclaim.htm


10. Full stories of the 1916 Rising. Website suitable for IWB


This is a great website I found, which walks through the timeline of 1916, from before and after with details of leaders.

Here is the information you will find on the site.



11. Quiz on the 1916 Rising 



12.  The Signatories of the Proclamation

Link below to learn about each of the Signatories.


Other information on the website includes:

list again

Pádraig MacPiarais
(10 November 1879 – 3 May 1916)

Thomas J. Clarke
(11 March 1857 – 3 May 1916)

Thomas MacDonagh
(1 February 1878 – 3 May 1916)

Joseph Mary Plunkett
(21 November 1887 – 4 May 1916)

Éamonn Ceannt
(21 September 1881 – 8 May 1916)

James Connolly
(5 June 1868 – 12 May 1916)

Seán Mac Diarmada
(28 February 1883 – 12 May 1916)

13. Quick Explanation of The Irish Civil War


Quick explanation of the Irish civil war.PNG

14. Leaders in the years post 1916

leaders in the years post 1916

Éamon De Valera: http://www.clarelibrary.ie/eolas/coclare/people/eamon.htm

Michael Collins:http://www.generalmichaelcollins.com/



15. Excellent Workbook here. 19 pages in total. 

This workbook has fantastic worksheets and activities based on the 1916 Rising. Have a look below the link at some of the worksheets which can be found here. I think this one is a hidden gem.  There are 19 pages in total.


Slideshow of the worksheets below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

16. More simple workbook 27 pages in total

found here: http://www.elsp.ie/subjectsS/JC/history/History%20Topic%20-%20The%20Easter%20Rising%201916.pdf

Here are some of the worksheets which can be found at this link. Please note there are more worksheets in this link than are pictured below. There are 27 pages in total.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

17. Worksheet: 

Another great resource which you can print off free and use here: http://www.collaborativelearning.org/ireland1916.pdf

Here there are cartoons and bibliographies which can be used like this:


And there are Biographies from 1916 and Interviews from 1922 which can be used like this:


18. Worksheet. Answers given and the children must write the questions. 

write the answer

link here: The 1916 Rising and Glasnevin Cemetery 2

19. FREE IBOOK  about 1916

iBook: 1916 : a year that shaped Ireland by Nerve Centre

22. Letter of 1916

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