Animal Homes / Habitat Resources

Hi, so here are some Animal Home resources. Some of these resources are for the younger age group and can be adapted for the older ages.


  1. PowerPoint about Habitat Junior Infants 

link here: animal homes where do we live ppt 2

2. Animal homes PowerPoint Senior Infants / First Class 

link here: Animal_homesah6ah7ah8

3. Another option 

habitat 2

4. Animal Habitat 3rd & 4th Class (Could alter for more classes)

animal habitats ppah16ah17ah18ah19


5. Animal Home flashcards from 


5. Worksheet Junior – First Class

ah5Link here: Animals and their Homes 2

6. Worksheet older classes

link here: guess animal & habitat 2ah20

7. Habitat Banner for display from

link for download here: bannerhabitats_0

8. Fantastic interactive lesson from the Welsh Government Website hwb for Junior Infants to First Class

link here:

9. Interactive lesson for 3rd up

10. Lovely Animation Video for Junior to Second explaining the four basic needs of Living things and covering shelter.




11. Video Animal Home Names Junior to First Class

12.  Explaining what a habitat is and what living things need to live for third class up

13. Habitat video for second to fourth class


14. Habitat song Junior to First 


15. Song for Junior and Senior Infants

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