Plants – Senior Infants to First Class

Hi, here are some resources I’ve gathered for teaching this lesson.

I hope it saves some teachers time searching for the same things.

I have gotten some PowerPoints for  and some games from and put them all together in one place.

  1. I will begin with a KWL

classroom kwl chart

2. PowerPoint about what plants need to survive from very simple, below are just a few slides from the PowerPoint

link here: plants 2plantsplants2plants3plants4

2. Parts of a plant PowerPoint

This PowerPoint is nice and simple and takes you through the parts of a plant and their functions also from

link here:Parts of a plant & functionsplants5plants6plants7plants8

3. Interactive activities

Help Sparky the Alien with activities on growing plants which include labelling parts of a plant, finding out what a seed needs to grow and the life cycle of plants.

link here:

4.  Activities based round the character Sparky the Alien on growing plants. Children can compare vegetables and fruits, label the parts of a tree, spell the parts of a plant and put life cycle pictures in order.

link here:

5. BBC Game where you help to grow a plant by providing it with what it needs

link here:


6. Why do Plants begin to grow in Spring? Lovely website explains here


7. Worksheets


Links here:

1. Can-you-name-parts-of-a-tree 2

2. Growing a flower sequencing cut and paste

3. life cycle of a plant 2

4. Parts-of-a-Plant—Worksheet


6.  Video parts of a plant



long video perhaps for a rainy lunch

8. Lovely video: how do plants grow


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