Here are some resources I’ve compiled together to aid the teaching of the theme an Scoil.

If you have any items to share on this theme I would greatly appreciate you emailing it to 

If we can continue to share and promote a resource community that is free it would be great 🙂

Please note these resources are not my own and may be subject to copyright. Use for personal use only.

  1. The first is a story ‘Seomra Nua‘ made by Seid an Si (fada’s not working apologies) this was emailed to me.

  2. scoilscoil1scoil2link here: scoil


2. Rann: An Gahar sa Scoil

link here: An Gabhar sa Scoil (1)scoil3scoil4

3. Drama “Ciaran agus an Bheach”


link here:Ciarán Agus an Bheach

4. Dan – Rang 1 agus a 2


link here: Ar Scoil 2scoil8


5. Aiste faoi saol ar scoil


6. Aiste- An t-abhar scoile is fearr liom


7. Dan – Tinneas Scoile


8. 36 postaeir ag baint leis an teama scoil


link here:

9. Interactive lesson where you can hear the words of items at school in Irish


10. Quiz about Scoil for 5th / 6th Class


link here:

12. PowerPoint about a Timpiste ar an mbealadh go dti an scoil

click here: timpiste

13. Audio here for the above story Art O Suilleabhain

14. Interactive SlideShow

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