Halloween Safety for Junior / Senior Infants

Here is a lesson I plan on using with my class about Halloween safety for SPHE.

I couldn’t find a PowerPoint and worksheet so I edited some  great pictures from http://elementarysafety.com/colouring-section/coloring-halloween-safety and made my own version of both.

I will begin with a discussion on Halloween safety in think, pair, share and create a KWL chart.

I will then discuss the presentation with the class.

I will ask the children to think/pair/share again this time trying to recall three ways we should be safe at Halloween.

I will provide the children with a worksheet and discuss the pictures with them.

Play video to reiterate the objectives of the lesson

PowerPointhalloween-safety                           worksheet: worksheet-safety-hall

Another good halloween safety PowerPoint here: halloween-saefty-2



This is for educational uses only. No sharing or copying allowed. For Personal use only. Images from: http://elementarysafety.com/colouring-section/coloring-halloween-safety


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