Weather lesson for Junior / Senior infants

Lesson on weather for infants

I will begin with:

First Step: Thinking about it.

I begin by asking the students to think about the four seasons.

What are some of the activities you do most in each season? (Going to school, playing football, raking leaves, etc. in the Autumn; swimming, going to camp, watching television, etc., in Summer; playing, planting a garden, etc., in Spring; shovelling, making snow men, ice skating, etc., in Winter.)

What kinds of weather do we tend to have in each season? (Sunshine, thunderstorms, heat in Summer, fog, hurricanes, cool in Fall, snow, sleet, icy winds in Winter, friendly rain, warm in Spring.)

Second Step: Acting it out.

Next I ask the students to imagine if is Fall (for instance). Think of an essentially Fall activity and begin to act it out. When I call out, “weather!” some kind of typical Fall weather will take place. Each student chooses for herself or himself which kind of weather it happens. When I call out, “weather!” everyone must react appropriately to whatever weather they are imagining.

I will call up some children to mime an activity and the class can guess what season it is. Sometimes I’ll call out “weather!” several times for each season and all the children pretend they are doing this activity in this weather.

What does the weather sound like? Feel like? Does it have a smell? A taste? What do you see?

Here is a PowerPoint showing the different seasons and the class can pick the appropriate weather symbols for the weather.


I love the Welsh government website for resources like these:

Time permitting I will then discuss the BBC’s what is weather page:

I will then complete a worksheet based on the above. I have also in the past given the children cut up laminated clothes and a small / boy girl image laminated. The children dressed the image of the child with the appropriate clothes for the season / weather I called out. Similar to this image below:

Image result for weather for ks1

Video all about the weather:




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