Human Body; Third Class

There is a great step by step lesson on

Just make sure to enable flash as there are great interactive activites.

PDST have good lesson suggestions here also:

BBC Bitesize have great videos which coincide with the above lessons at this link:

Game online for the children to complete in which they learn to label the human body and the functions of the body etc.

Video channel on youtube that has a funny song to explain all the major organs in the body



Teeth video

Plants and Animals Third Class Lesson


What is a habitat?

Teach the meaning of the words herbivore / carnivore/ omnivor

Then play Interactive game

Video explaining meaning on youtube (funny for children)


I game across a great sorting activity that’s free if you sign up to It has animals that you could give to a pair of children. It says on the page what the animal eats. I’m going to stick up three headings with omnivore/herbivore and carnivore on them. I will ask the children to arrange themselves under the correct heading in the classroom. They could work together to decide whether they needed to stand under the herbivore/carnivore/omnivore sign. Explain answers.

Complete Venn diagram which the class will stick into their copies / cut out animals that are printed on a page and stick them onto the venn diagram under the correct category.

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Fill in the L of the KWL chart.

Video to solidify learning


What is a food chain?

Interactive examples for IWB

What is a habitat 


Read about Meadow Habitat and Sea shore habitat.

Pick an animal from either and explain its habitat for homework.