How to Write a Biography

Here is a book which explains how to write a biography which I found online

It was written by Jenny Alexander

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Class Newsletter Template. Write your own

This Newsletter explains how to write a newsletter and is also editable for immediate use

19. Master Class Newsletternewsletter

KWHL Chart

Establishing Prior Knowledge

kwhl17. Establishing Prior Lesson Knowledge KWL

Individual Pupil Profile

Download here: 5 Individual Pupil Profile



Name: ______________________  Date of birth: ____________

Address: ____________________  Teacher: ________________

Class: ________

Parents: ____________________  Resource Teacher:____________

Telephone: ____________________



Tests administered Date Result Main Concerns Main Recommendations


Other Notes

Learning strengths and attainments

  • _________________________________________________________
  • _________________________________________________________
  • _________________________________________________________
  • _________________________________________________________
  • _________________________________________________________

Priority Learning Needs

Ø _________________________________________________________

Ø _________________________________________________________

Ø _________________________________________________________



The Writer’s Check-list


A checklist to complete before my writing conference


  • I have read my writing to see that it makes sense.


  • I have used ^ to put in missing words.


  • I have neatly crossed out words I didn’t need.


  • I have used capital letters to begin sentences, for names of people and places and always for pronoun ‘I’.


  • I have put in full stops at the end of my sentences.


  • I have checked my spellings in my spelling book, with a partner or with my teacher.


  • I have put a circle around words I’m not sure how to spell.


  • I have read my piece to my partner.


  • My partner picked out the best part for him/her.


  • I have checked that some of my nouns have adjectives attached.


  • I have checked that I haven’t overused some words.


  • I am ready for a conference about my writing with my teacher.

Download here: 3. The Writer’s Checklist

Capital Letter Rules


Here are some PowerPoints that explain the rules behind capital letters.

There are 17 slides similar to the ones below here: Capital Rulescap1cap2cap3

There are 8 slides similar to those below here:Capital_Letters (2)cap4cap5

There are 8 slides also in the Power Point here: Capital_Letterscap6cap7