Human Body; Third Class

There is a great step by step lesson on

Just make sure to enable flash as there are great interactive activites.

PDST have good lesson suggestions here also:

BBC Bitesize have great videos which coincide with the above lessons at this link:

Game online for the children to complete in which they learn to label the human body and the functions of the body etc.

Video channel on youtube that has a funny song to explain all the major organs in the body



Teeth video

My Senses


Here are some worksheets and slides I use for this unit with my class. I have also attached some extras I found on my search for what I wanted. I’m not sure of the source of some of this material but many thanks for whoever originally shared some of this content.

I have attached an image and the link to save people downloading things they do not need just to view it.

5-Senses-Wordsmy senses 1

Above is the link to this document.

Below is a five senses booklet:


This booklet contains a page on each of the senses which looks like this:


These worksheets I found on

This a PowerPoint which has sounds that the children can guess before the sound is revealed. It is short only four pages long.

sounds 2soundsGuess_the_sound

Here is a poster based on this unit to print:


Below is a PowerPoint that asks the child which sense you use to do certain activities. It also has a senses poem at the end.

senses 1senses 2senses 3My_Senses


Our Sense of Smell PowerPoint. This PowerPoint also explains what jobs one would use their sense of smell for and why our sense of smell is important.

smellingsmell 1smell 2smell 3smell 4smell 5smell 6smell 7smell 8