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Establishing Prior Knowledge

kwhl17. Establishing Prior Lesson Knowledge KWL


The Easter Story – all levels

  1. Interactive Easter story by

link here:


2. also have an interactive story

link here:


3. Simple Easter Story PowerPoint for Junior to First Class

The Easter Storyes12es13

4. Easter Story PowerPoint 2nd Class up

The_Easter_Story 2es9es10es11

5. Sequencing the Easter Story

The Story of Easter – Sequencing 2es14

6. For older classes Easter Story sequencing sentences

es1link here:christianity_easter_sequencing

7. Comprehension questions about the story for older classes

Comprehension questions about Easter 2es2

8. Easter Story writing template

es6link here”easter story writing templatwe 2

9. Easter Story Workbook

Easter_Story_Workbookes7link here:

10. Printable story from Senior-2nd


Easter-Bible-Story-Listen-and-Read 2

11. Printable story medium version 2nd-4th

Easter-Bible-Story-Reading-Level-A 2es15.PNG

11. Printable story 5th -6th

Easter-Bible-Story-Reading-Level-B 2es15es16

12. Writing Frame from

Easter-Bible-Story-Writing-Frame 2es17


13. Easter Workbooks