Human Body; Third Class

There is a great step by step lesson on

Just make sure to enable flash as there are great interactive activites.

PDST have good lesson suggestions here also:

BBC Bitesize have great videos which coincide with the above lessons at this link:

Game online for the children to complete in which they learn to label the human body and the functions of the body etc.

Video channel on youtube that has a funny song to explain all the major organs in the body



Teeth video


Plants and Animals Third Class Lesson


What is a habitat?

Teach the meaning of the words herbivore / carnivore/ omnivor

Then play Interactive game

Video explaining meaning on youtube (funny for children)


I game across a great sorting activity that’s free if you sign up to It has animals that you could give to a pair of children. It says on the page what the animal eats. I’m going to stick up three headings with omnivore/herbivore and carnivore on them. I will ask the children to arrange themselves under the correct heading in the classroom. They could work together to decide whether they needed to stand under the herbivore/carnivore/omnivore sign. Explain answers.

Complete Venn diagram which the class will stick into their copies / cut out animals that are printed on a page and stick them onto the venn diagram under the correct category.

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Fill in the L of the KWL chart.

Video to solidify learning


What is a food chain?

Interactive examples for IWB

What is a habitat 


Read about Meadow Habitat and Sea shore habitat.

Pick an animal from either and explain its habitat for homework.



The Fox Lesson- Junior Infants to 1st Class

The fox PowerPoint link here:red-foxfox



Worksheet from activity: activity village. 



Great free printable booklet from a blog called a day in first grade

It looks like this:


Plenary The fox song:

What does the fox say:



KWHL Chart

Establishing Prior Knowledge

kwhl17. Establishing Prior Lesson Knowledge KWL

Growing and Changing

Growing song


I like the idea of showing this video to my class as it shows a girl growing from a baby to twelve years old in 2 minutes.


Here’s a PowerPoint on Growing and Changing, there are nine slides in total:

growinggrowing1growing2link here: How humans change as they grow 2

Another PowerPoint here that is very good growing up (3)


Colouring page based on this activity here:


Plants – Parts of Plants We Eat

A PowerPoint about the parts of plants we eat.

eateat1eat2eat3click here: plants powerpoint 2

Lesson plan and worksheets

link here: Plant-Parts-We-Eat gotten from

Plants – Senior Infants to First Class

Hi, here are some resources I’ve gathered for teaching this lesson.

I hope it saves some teachers time searching for the same things.

I have gotten some PowerPoints for  and some games from and put them all together in one place.

  1. I will begin with a KWL

classroom kwl chart

2. PowerPoint about what plants need to survive from very simple, below are just a few slides from the PowerPoint

link here: plants 2plantsplants2plants3plants4

2. Parts of a plant PowerPoint

This PowerPoint is nice and simple and takes you through the parts of a plant and their functions also from

link here:Parts of a plant & functionsplants5plants6plants7plants8

3. Interactive activities

Help Sparky the Alien with activities on growing plants which include labelling parts of a plant, finding out what a seed needs to grow and the life cycle of plants.

link here:

4.  Activities based round the character Sparky the Alien on growing plants. Children can compare vegetables and fruits, label the parts of a tree, spell the parts of a plant and put life cycle pictures in order.

link here:

5. BBC Game where you help to grow a plant by providing it with what it needs

link here:


6. Why do Plants begin to grow in Spring? Lovely website explains here


7. Worksheets


Links here:

1. Can-you-name-parts-of-a-tree 2

2. Growing a flower sequencing cut and paste

3. life cycle of a plant 2

4. Parts-of-a-Plant—Worksheet


6.  Video parts of a plant



long video perhaps for a rainy lunch

8. Lovely video: how do plants grow


Animal Homes / Habitat Resources

Hi, so here are some Animal Home resources. Some of these resources are for the younger age group and can be adapted for the older ages.


  1. PowerPoint about Habitat Junior Infants 

link here: animal homes where do we live ppt 2

2. Animal homes PowerPoint Senior Infants / First Class 

link here: Animal_homesah6ah7ah8

3. Another option 

habitat 2

4. Animal Habitat 3rd & 4th Class (Could alter for more classes)

animal habitats ppah16ah17ah18ah19


5. Animal Home flashcards from 


5. Worksheet Junior – First Class

ah5Link here: Animals and their Homes 2

6. Worksheet older classes

link here: guess animal & habitat 2ah20

7. Habitat Banner for display from

link for download here: bannerhabitats_0

8. Fantastic interactive lesson from the Welsh Government Website hwb for Junior Infants to First Class

link here:

9. Interactive lesson for 3rd up

10. Lovely Animation Video for Junior to Second explaining the four basic needs of Living things and covering shelter.




11. Video Animal Home Names Junior to First Class

12.  Explaining what a habitat is and what living things need to live for third class up

13. Habitat video for second to fourth class


14. Habitat song Junior to First 


15. Song for Junior and Senior Infants

Pancake Tuesday – Junior to 1st Class

Hi, so I needed a story for my class for the week of Pancake Tuesday so I decided to introduce a story of ‘The Runaway Pancake’ and link it with History for sequencing and Music.

Here is what I compiled together.

I love and I found lots on this, my intention is that you won’t have to do all the same searching.

  1. Here is a PowerPoint of the story of The Runaway Pancake. This story is very like the Gingerbread Man retold with a pancake.

Here is an image to show you what the PowerPoint looks like. It tells the story with some audio available.

Link to the PowerPoint The Runaway Pancake powerpoint

2. Video of the story being read clearly:

3. Next, I will teach the order to my class of how to make pancakes.


Link to the above document here:how-to-make-pancakes

4. Oxford Reading Tree have good sequencing cards which you could print out and have the class stick in the correct order. 



5. have a great interactive sequencing activity for how to make a pancake, please find the link below:

The activity looks like this

sequnce the making of pancake.PNG

6. Below are two songs about Pancakes

The first I found on that P.E. Willobury made

There is a PowerPoint of the words that looks like this:


The pancake song 2

Link to TES download page:

Here is another song about Pancakes



Spring Time Resources -Infants, KS1, First Class

Hi, here are some Infant resources for Spring

This is the link to the below PowerPoint on Spring Time, there are more slides than what is below but here’s an example of what is in it. SPRINGTIME



Signs of Spring display pack from the website there are 14 pages.


13 pages of Spring Vocabulary like below springvocabulary


Lovely website with images and questions and answers about Spring



Spring is here songs:



In the Spring I see read along video…



Nine Minute cartoon about Spring time perhaps for lunch on a rainy Spring day lunch