IFD / Modular Planning. Teaching Practice notes for 1st -3rd class (5 weeks)

If you are on teaching practice it can be handy to find some ideas or guides about how to plan. Here are some example plans.

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First to Third Class

General Theme is Winter. This could of course easily be changed to another Season to tie in with when you are on teaching practice. Pick a broad theme and use sub-themes. It makes it much easier to plan.

Here is a sample Modular Plan / Scheme / Long-term for the five weeks.

modular plan first-third

Theme: Animals



Theme: Clothes

Week2 Integrated+Flow+Diagram_clothes 1-3

Theme: travel transport 1-

Theme: weather water

Theme: xmas 1-3




Class Newsletter Template. Write your own

This Newsletter explains how to write a newsletter and is also editable for immediate use

19. Master Class Newsletternewsletter

Spring Time Resources -Infants, KS1, First Class

Hi, here are some Infant resources for Spring

This is the link to the below PowerPoint on Spring Time, there are more slides than what is below but here’s an example of what is in it. SPRINGTIME



Signs of Spring display pack from the website http://www.communication.co.uk there are 14 pages.


13 pages of Spring Vocabulary like below springvocabulary


Lovely website with images and questions and answers about Spring




Spring is here songs:



In the Spring I see read along video…



Nine Minute cartoon about Spring time perhaps for lunch on a rainy Spring day lunch