Planning ideas IFD’s Junior & Senior Infants. Teaching practice / DIP

Are you in the midst of teaching practice or your dip? Maybe you are just planning for the next thematic unit of teaching in Infants. Here are a few plans based on themes which may help you organise your thoughts. You will find a weekly plan based on the following topics: animals, clothes, travel and transport, and water; for those of you looking for a magic tie between all of these topics I picked Summer and it worked well.

Please remember we are a community that share resources. If you have plans such as these that you would not mind sharing please email them to the more we get the easier planning becomes for everyone.




Theme of Summer or Animals 

Summer or Animals Plans


Theme of Clothes 



Theme of Travel and Transport

travel and transport


Theme of Water 

water plan


Green Day – Lá Glas

We have a Lá Glas coming up in our school soon and I’m sure many of you have days like these. Here is a book in the form of a Power Point which would be the basis of a good lesson on the topic.

Please note this resource is for your own personal use only and is to be used for educational purposes; copyright applies

The Book is called How to Have a Green Day by Jenny Alexandar

Link here:HowtoHaveaGreenDay



Aimsir – gach léibhéal

  1. PowerPoint An Aimir. Some slides below there are more in the PP

An aimsir póstaeir.pptxaimsir1aimsir2

2. Amhrán: Ag Canadh sa Bháisteach

Ag Canadh Sa Bháisteachaimsir3aimsir4

3. PowerPoint with 14 slides of weather. Easy words.

aimsir5aimsir6An_Aimsir 2 gach

4. Bingo le Aimsir

link here: biongo page 2 Aimsir 1biongo page 2 new aimsir 2aimsir7

5. Dán Calóga Sneachta

CAL_GA SNEACHTAaimsir8aimsir9

6. Seanfhocal Aimsir


7.  PP eile anseo:

Ceacht weather 2aimsir11aimsir12aimsir13aimsir14

8. Fluich agus Tirim there are 15 pages in this PP.

link here: Fluich agus Tirim. (1)aimsir15aimsir16

9. Flashcards

aimsir17Gaeilge Aimsir flashcards scoilnet

10. Scéal Sam Sneachta

Sam Sneachtaaimsir18aimsir19

11. Samhlaoidì


12. Sneachta ag titim, 10 leathanach

Sneachta Ag Titim 2aimsir22


13. PowerPoint for Aimsir Rang a Trí

clicéail anseo: An Aimsir rnag a trí


14. Aimsir PP Senior Classes

aimsir24aimsir25aimsir26aimsir27aimsir older

15. Cárta Imeartha

cartai_imeartha_an_aimsir (1)aimsir28

16. An Aimsir agus na Séasúir 10 leathanach sa PP

aimsir29aimsir30aimsir31aimsir32An Aimsir agus na Séasúir 2

17. Rang 5 agus a 6: PowerPoint for oral discussion of weather or drama role play of weather.

Aimsir powerpoint i lathair 2AIMSIR33aimsir34aimsir35

18. PowerPoint deas le cuardfhocal istigh ann – rang 2

Na Haimsire [Autosaved] 2aim1aim2aim3aim4aim5aim6aim7

An Aimsir


Duilleoga deasa, deasa,
Duilleoga deasa, buí.
Duilleoga deasa, deasa,
Ag damhsa ar an gcraobh.
Duilleoga deasa, deasa,
Duilleoga deasa, buí.
Duilleoga deasa, deasa,
Ag imeacht leis an ngaoth.

Duilleoga deasa, deasa,
Duilleoga deasa, buí.
Duilleoga deasa, deasa,
Ar thalamh ina luí.
An Sneachta 
Thit sneachta bog bán
Anuas ón spéir,
Nuair a bhí mé i mo luí
Ar mo leaba aréir.

Tá sneachta bog bán,
anois i ngach áit,
ar theach is ar chrann,
ar shráid is ar pháirc.

Beidh againn spóirt,
Mé féin agus Seán,
ag sugradh inniú
Sa sneachta bog bán.

Bogha Báistí 
Bhí bogha baistí
Sa ghairdín inné.
Stua ag síneadh
Ó thalamh go spéir.

Dáthanna áille,
ag ionradh go glé,
Glór do Dhia,
A chéad chruthaigh é.


Bogha Báistí 
Dearg agus glas,
gorm agus buí,
Féach sa spéir,
An bogha baistí.

Ag ceann an bogha,
Tá pota breá mór,
Féach isteach ann,
Is leatsa an t-ór.



Valentines Lesson

Hi there, thanks for stopping by the blog. It can be hard to find lesson content for St. Valentine so I decided to do a bit of rooting online and compile two lessons. One for the Junior levels and one for the Senior levels which you can tailor to your needs.

Please scroll down to find Senior lessons at the top and Junior lesson at the end of this post.

I usually use this kind of lesson for History, Religion, Music, and Art for the Junior classes. There are also opportunities to link Valentines with Green Schools or the Environment in Geography if you were to use figures easily found online about wastage on St. Valentines Day. It can also be linked to Geography if we look at how Valentine’s day is celebrated around the world.

Here are some ideas, below you will find lesson ideas, PowerPoints, Videos, and Worksheets, I hope it helps.

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Lesson ideas for 3rd – 6th Class if adapted

  1. Introduction

Show an image of marmite and valentines and ask your class what the two images have in common:


I would use this to create a discussion:

  • What do you think the message is about Valentines? Discuss with your friends.
  • Why do you think some people like Valentines and why others do not?
  • Who might benefit from Valentines?
  • Have you ever heard of St. Valentine?
  • Why do you think there is a day named after him?

 2.  Explain that we will be learning about St. Valentine and create a WILF chart about St. Valentine (chart from


I would put my main objective here: Two new pieces of information about Who Saint Valentine is? Why we celebrate this day etc.

3. I would then complete a KWL chart, link to chart here:

classroom kwl chart

4. PowerPoint about Saint Valentine for Senior Classes

Here are some images from the PowerPoint so you know what you are downloading. I found this PowerPoint on at this link:

5. Lovely video about St. Valentine from youtube:


6. A very good video for fifth and sixth class about Saint Valentine:

7. Printable story on St. Valentine with a comprehension questions from

link here: Valentine’s Day


8. Another Reading Comprehension worksheet about St. Valentine with great comprehension questions and writing prompts from

link to download PDF here: rc_valentine_legend



9. Fill in the blanks worksheet 


Link to this worksheet here: worksheet

Geography: How People Around the World Celebrate Valentine’s Day

How to say I love you around the world

how-to-say-i-love-you-around-the-world_54d9f89ed170c_w1500 (1).jpg


Lesson on Saint Valentines for the Junior Classes to Second Class (if adapted). Please edit to your needs. 


PowerPoint for the Junior Classes found and edited to make suitable for my class:

Link to download PowerPoint here: Valentine’s Day younger 2 editedvalp.PNGvalp2.PNGvalp3.PNGvalp4.PNGvalp6.PNGvalp8.PNGvalp9.PNGvalp10.PNGvalp77.PNGvalp107.PNG


Song for Infants

Saint Valentine Word search for First or Second Class:

Saint Valentine’s Word Search


St. Valentine Colouring Sheet

pic for


My Senses


Here are some worksheets and slides I use for this unit with my class. I have also attached some extras I found on my search for what I wanted. I’m not sure of the source of some of this material but many thanks for whoever originally shared some of this content.

I have attached an image and the link to save people downloading things they do not need just to view it.

5-Senses-Wordsmy senses 1

Above is the link to this document.

Below is a five senses booklet:


This booklet contains a page on each of the senses which looks like this:


These worksheets I found on

This a PowerPoint which has sounds that the children can guess before the sound is revealed. It is short only four pages long.

sounds 2soundsGuess_the_sound

Here is a poster based on this unit to print:


Below is a PowerPoint that asks the child which sense you use to do certain activities. It also has a senses poem at the end.

senses 1senses 2senses 3My_Senses


Our Sense of Smell PowerPoint. This PowerPoint also explains what jobs one would use their sense of smell for and why our sense of smell is important.

smellingsmell 1smell 2smell 3smell 4smell 5smell 6smell 7smell 8