Planning ideas IFD’s Junior & Senior Infants. Teaching practice / DIP

Are you in the midst of teaching practice or your dip? Maybe you are just planning for the next thematic unit of teaching in Infants. Here are a few plans based on themes which may help you organise your thoughts. You will find a weekly plan based on the following topics: animals, clothes, travel and transport, and water; for those of you looking for a magic tie between all of these topics I picked Summer and it worked well.

Please remember we are a community that share resources. If you have plans such as these that you would not mind sharing please email them to the more we get the easier planning becomes for everyone.




Theme of Summer or Animals 

Summer or Animals Plans


Theme of Clothes 



Theme of Travel and Transport

travel and transport


Theme of Water 

water plan


Mothers Day Literacy

I love this Mother’s Day page I came across on

It is free to download on the above link too which is great.

mothers dayMy-Mother-Coloring-Sheet

Weather lesson for Junior / Senior infants

Lesson on weather for infants

I will begin with:

First Step: Thinking about it.

I begin by asking the students to think about the four seasons.

What are some of the activities you do most in each season? (Going to school, playing football, raking leaves, etc. in the Autumn; swimming, going to camp, watching television, etc., in Summer; playing, planting a garden, etc., in Spring; shovelling, making snow men, ice skating, etc., in Winter.)

What kinds of weather do we tend to have in each season? (Sunshine, thunderstorms, heat in Summer, fog, hurricanes, cool in Fall, snow, sleet, icy winds in Winter, friendly rain, warm in Spring.)

Second Step: Acting it out.

Next I ask the students to imagine if is Fall (for instance). Think of an essentially Fall activity and begin to act it out. When I call out, “weather!” some kind of typical Fall weather will take place. Each student chooses for herself or himself which kind of weather it happens. When I call out, “weather!” everyone must react appropriately to whatever weather they are imagining.

I will call up some children to mime an activity and the class can guess what season it is. Sometimes I’ll call out “weather!” several times for each season and all the children pretend they are doing this activity in this weather.

What does the weather sound like? Feel like? Does it have a smell? A taste? What do you see?

Here is a PowerPoint showing the different seasons and the class can pick the appropriate weather symbols for the weather.


I love the Welsh government website for resources like these:

Time permitting I will then discuss the BBC’s what is weather page:

I will then complete a worksheet based on the above. I have also in the past given the children cut up laminated clothes and a small / boy girl image laminated. The children dressed the image of the child with the appropriate clothes for the season / weather I called out. Similar to this image below:

Image result for weather for ks1

Video all about the weather:




KWHL Chart

Establishing Prior Knowledge

kwhl17. Establishing Prior Lesson Knowledge KWL

Classroom Jobs + Discipline Record Log

Classroom Jobs

6. Classroom Jobs

Job Responsibilities Student


Discipline Record Log 7. Discipline Record Log

Discipline Record Log


Teacher’s name: ____________________________________


Date Student’s Name Description of Behaviour Consequences Additional Notes



CVC Words Resources

Here are some PowerPoints which have CVC words

  1. This is a PowerPoint of i C.V.C words with 16 pages  cvc words i

cvc words i


2. UG C.V.C words 16 pages

ugcvc words u

3. CVC Missing Vowel. There are only two slides in this PP


4. 102 C.V.C words on this PP

Link here: cvccvc

5. CVC words with sentences


6. In this PowerPoint you have letters and a picture of an object and the child must try and make the word using the available letters


link here: cvc_word_building



8. CVC Words PowerPoint. There are 7 slides here


link here: Cvcwords

9. PowerPoint with 6 slides


10.  PowerPoint 7 Slides


11.PowerPoint with the letter i C.V.C words






Mother’s Day

Here are two cute ideas I found online that I think are lovely for Mother’s day

PowerPoint about Mother’s Day for the Junior end of school to introduce making a card

Mother’s_Day[2](1) 2mothers daymothers day1mothers day22. A  very easy to make flower

link here:

3. For the older classes a clay rose that looks a lot more difficult than it is to make


link here to this lesson:…/clay-roses-for-mother…

4. Card ideas

Flip the Flap Flower Card - would be cute for Mother's Day, or even birthday cards for special friends:

I love the rhyme on this

Insert for cards

mothers day3



Here are some resources I’ve compiled together to aid the teaching of the theme an Scoil.

If you have any items to share on this theme I would greatly appreciate you emailing it to 

If we can continue to share and promote a resource community that is free it would be great 🙂

Please note these resources are not my own and may be subject to copyright. Use for personal use only.

  1. The first is a story ‘Seomra Nua‘ made by Seid an Si (fada’s not working apologies) this was emailed to me.

  2. scoilscoil1scoil2link here: scoil


2. Rann: An Gahar sa Scoil

link here: An Gabhar sa Scoil (1)scoil3scoil4

3. Drama “Ciaran agus an Bheach”


link here:Ciarán Agus an Bheach

4. Dan – Rang 1 agus a 2


link here: Ar Scoil 2scoil8


5. Aiste faoi saol ar scoil


6. Aiste- An t-abhar scoile is fearr liom


7. Dan – Tinneas Scoile


8. 36 postaeir ag baint leis an teama scoil


link here:

9. Interactive lesson where you can hear the words of items at school in Irish


10. Quiz about Scoil for 5th / 6th Class


link here:

12. PowerPoint about a Timpiste ar an mbealadh go dti an scoil

click here: timpiste

13. Audio here for the above story Art O Suilleabhain

14. Interactive SlideShow

Source: A