Oisin agus Niamh as Gailge

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Sceal: Muintir Incredible! As Gaeilge

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Resources for the theme of Animals as gaeilge.

Here you will mostly find PowerPoints of stories based on the animal theme.

In order there is:

  • 1. Animals; basic PowerPoint of animal names with audio
  • 2. Ainmhite sa Zú (dán for infants to first)
  • 3. An Cat (scéal for infants to first)
  • 4. An Cat is an Luch (Tom and Gerry PowerPoint suitable for 4th to 6th class)
  • 5. An Lacha Beag Gránna (Story The Ugly Duckling)
  • 6. Aon Lón Dubh agus an Coiní 
  • 7. An Sionnach Glic agus an Chircin Rua (The sly fox and the Little Red Hen scéal)
  • 8.  An Sionnach Glic (The Sly Fox and the Little Red Hen scéal, ceann eile)
  • 9. Bradan Feasa Gaeilge (Salmon of Knowledge rang 3-6)
  • 10. Bridog (Simple story about a bee for infants to first class)
  • 11. Bzz (Dán about a bee for Junior to First)
  • 12. Cá bhfuil Daidí (scéal for Junior to First
  • 13. Cearca Nuala (scéal about a hn Junior to First)
  • 14. Cnuas Scéal 
  • 15. Dreoilín ceart (4th class to 6th Class)
  • 16. Cearc an Phrompa (Junior to Second)
  • 17. Mo chaitín (PowerPoint Junior to Second)
  • 18. Peata Áine (scéal Junior to Second)
  • 19. An Lacha Feirmeora (Farmer Duck Junior to Second class)
  • 20. Dán (Istigh sa Zú agus Damhan Alla) 
  • 21. Worksheet for Sequencing a story
  1. PowerPoint. Ainmhite with name and sounds. 


Link here: Ainmhithe Feirme 2

2. Poem Ainmhite sa Zú

Ainmhithe sa Sú 2animals3animals4animals5

3. Scéal An Cat


Link here: An Cat 2

4. An Cat is an Luch

Link here: An Cat is an Luch 2 5 toi 6animals8animals9

5. An Lacha Beag Granna

ugly ducklingugly duckling2

link here: An Lacha Bheag Ghránna 2- the ugly duckling

6. An Lon Dubh agus an Coinin

link here: An Lon Dubh agus an Coinínanimals

7. An Sionnach Glic agus an Chircin Rua

link here: An Sionnach Glic agus an Chircin Ruaanimals12animals13

8. An Sionnach Glic

link here: An Sionnach Glicanimals14animals15

9. Bradan Feasa Gaeilge (Salmon of Knowledge)

link here: Bradan Feasa Gaeilgeanimals16

10. Bridog 

link here: Bridoganimals17animals18

11. Dán BZZ mar gheall ar bPuca


12. Cá bhfuil Daidi

animal book1animal book2Cà link here: bhfuil Daidì 2 – sceal junior to first ainmhithe

13. Cearca Nuala

Link here: Cearca Nualaanimal book3pg1animal book3pg2

14. Cnuas Scéal

animal book4pg1animal book4pg2

link here: Cnuas Scéal

15. Dreolín Ceart

link here: Dreoilín ceart 2 5 to 6 ainmhiteanimal book5pg1


16. Cearc an Phrompa

animal book6 pg1animal book6 pg2

link here: Leabhar Beag – Cearc an Phrompa 2

17. Mo Chaitín

link here: Mo chaitín 2animal book7 pg1animal book7 pg2

18. Peata Áine 

Link here:Peata ÁinePeata Aine

Peata Aine2

19. An Lacha Feirmeora (Farmer Duck)

link here: Tasc 2 An Lacha Feirmeora

20. Dán bunaithe ar ainmhite

link here: Irish poems ainmhitheanimals dan

21.  Worksheet on a story

animals use

link here:fráma scríbhneoireachta Ruairí sa Zú docx 2